About English Programs: Cambridge University Press (CUP) is a global leader in English Language Teaching (ELT) and provides customised content for developing life skills and professional competencies. CUP has over 50 offices across the globe, employs over 2,000 people, publishes over 50,000 titles by authors from over 100 countries, and is still growing, bringing thousands of subjects and millions of ideas to the world. Cambridge University Press enables people to achieve success by providing the best learning and research solutions, and follows the core values of the University of Cambridge, ensuring all publishing and training activities reflect the Cambridge standards around encouraging and supporting critical thinking, 21st-century skills, problem-solving and creativity.

What Cambridge University Press offers

Cambridge ELT publishing is reseach based using materials such as the Cambridge English Corpus and English Profile. This gives Cambridge a unique insight into how the English Language is really used by native speakers and, crucially, the diffculties experienced by learners of English, so Cambridge can develop the best teaching and learning resources possible.

Why Cambridge English & Employability

Cambridge English Exams are unrivaled and recognized by over 25 thousand universities, more than 1 lacs employers and government agencies across the world. It opens the door for students to embark on international higher education, Employment Opportunities across the world and make them stand out from the rest crowd in the market.


Eduskill, in partnership with Cambridge University Press, is committed to bring the best solutions to improve your English language communication – be it for academic purposes or for career enhancement. All this is to ensure that the youth of today are equipped with the necessary English language skills for better career opportunities.

With Cambridge University Press, we offers World's renowned Cambridge English Program for Adult Learners titled "Empower" with employability Skills. This Blended Learning English & Employability Program (Classroom and Online) with a one-year subscription on Cambridge Learning Management (CLMS) equips the learners in various skillsets including effective communication covering all skills (Read, Write, Speak, Listen) at International CEFR Level with most accurate assessment, valid Cambridge contents, and certification. Under this program, the teaching and delivery can only be taken care of by trained trainers on the Cambridge Platform.

Cambridge Empower enables a better learning experience, gives deeper insights with richer content and strong results. This program is having 6 Level and after pre-assessing the level of learners, they can be enrolled for the particular level (A1 to C1). The Cambridge Empower English is having a unique mix of engaging classroom materials, reliable assessment, personalized online tutoring platform that enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress

Explore Cambridge Empower:

» • Learner Engagement
• Real World Communication with Structured Learning Approach
• Validated and Reliable Assessment - Based on Learning Oriented Approach
• Easy to use format with interactive books including audio and video
• Six Level, 12 Units in each level
• CEFR Level - A1 to C1 (Basic to Advance)
• Online Practice Platform for Personalized Practice

» • Students Class IX to XII - K12
• Under Gradudates & Post Graduates - All Streams
• Working Professional

» • Job Connect & Placement Support
• IELTS Exam Fee Scholarship to Top Ranked 10% Students - Participation through Colleges only
• Full Fee waiver to Top 10% Achievers- Batchwise- Open to all
• Full Fee waiver for Meritorious Girls- Batchwise - Open to all

» INR 12000.00 (Inclusive of GST)

» Scholarship is available for Educational Institutions only. To learn how to avail the scholarship, please write us at info@eduskill.org

Together We are building the social responsible Future Leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

The modern workplace is increasingly globalised and competitive. It demands of its workers communicating with customers, colleagues and partners as everyday occurrence. Consequently, employers are under pressure to find employees who do not just have formal qualifications and traditional skills intact, but also are adept in communication, to be able to thrive in a global work environment. With global economic realities driving continuous change in the workplace, candidates are expected to navigate it well, a skill that requires interaction with individuals and organisations from nationalities and cultural backgrounds different from their own. A research indicated that in most large companies surveyed, there is extensive interaction between employees, across international borders. India is one of the countries that have the highest levels of interaction with business partners and suppliers overseas. The report data also states that English is spoken at the workplace in 98% of the companies surveyed, in India. English Comprehension tops the chart with 100% demand and is the highest ranked generic skill in all 29 states and 7 union territories of India. The Cambridge Communication App broadens our offers to meet the needs of learners of today. Cambridge Communication App provides learning and practice content for Business English at three levels each: Foundation, Basic and Intermediate. Each level provides 25 learning units and a corresponding test for practice.

The app is replete with digital learning objects including images, audios, interactive units, and practice tests. The content is presented through chat bot functionality — bite-sized content in conversational format for instructions. The approach employed in the Cambridge Communication App is communicative wherein you are presented with contexts you are likely to encounter in work-related scenarios. You are taken through language functions, notions and structures that are required to navigate through such situations. Presented through the chatbot format, it allows you to progress through the learning scenarios seamlessly, and presents focused, bite-sized chunks of learning input and practice opportunities. CEF alignment and gradation has been brought about through incorporation of level-appropriate functions of language, text types, vocabulary, themes and complexity of structures.

Explore Cambridge Communication App:

» • Short bursts of learning – interactive content presented in bite-sized chunks
• Learning and practice content available in three CEF graded levels
• Focus on conversational language and useful expressions
• Embedded grammar, vocabulary and caution notes along with inputs on LSRW
• 3 Level, 150 Units followed by self assessment
• CEFR Level - A1 to B2 (Basic to Intermediate)
• Replete with digital objects: audios, images, and voice recording feature

» • K12 Level Students - VI onwards
• UG, PG Students- All Streams
• Students at a Private Language Institute
• Working Professional with 2-7 yrs of Experience in a corporate organisation • Students at a Private Language Institute
• Youth preparing for Govt. Exams

» • National Cash Scholarship up to INR 1 Lakh
• Jobs Notification for UG, PG level Students
• Employment Connect for unemployed youths
• Youth Conclaves for K12 Level Students

» INR 650.000 (Inclusive of GST)

» A chance to win cash scholarship up to INR 1 Lakhs, 75 Thousand and 50 Thousand based on Online English Competition post completing 150 Units.For more details, please write us at cambridgeapp@eduskill.org

Cambridge Capable is a course that covers the skills learners need to get their dream job.This course strengthens their communication, and interview and group discussion skills. It not only helps them to succeed in group discussions and job interviews, but also polishes their basic communication and soft skills for effective everyday interaction at the workplace. It aims to equip them to handle every step of their job application, from writing a winning résumé and cover letter to facing stressful situations in an interview with ease and confidence.

This course is meant for learners if they have all the qualifications required for a job but wish to improve their communication skills. It helps them to enhance their communication and soft skills and use them to move closer to their dream job. Through this course they will be able to understand themselves to reach the right job; prepare a winning résumé and cover letter; enhance their interview skills by recognizing what companies are looking for; and take steps to prepare for the types of questions they are likely to face in an interview. The program comes with Trainer's manual, instructor led training solutions with additional worksheets. Program is having 7 units divided into 50 sessions and 10 workshops. The Trainer will use an Instructor led training (ILT) software to teach learners the topics covered under each session. The learners will gain knowledge and skills through learning activities and tasks, video clips, audio recordings, role plays and class activities. The learners would also have access to a self paced practice app that gives them more practice tasks corresponding to each session that they take up in class.

Explore Cambridge Capable:

» • Digital Programme with emphasis on Business Englishin and Employability Skill
• 60 Hours of Learning
• Skill Focus - Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar
• Tasks Oriented towards PI & GD; Passive Language Enhancment
• Pre, Mid and Post Course Assessment
• Instructor-led Training (ILT)
• Self Paced Practice App
• Soft Skills, Work Skills, Resume Writing incl. Workshop
• Interview Skills- Basic and Advanced incl. case studies and workshops

» • K12 Level Students - 12 Std
• UG, PG Students- All Streams
• Students at a Private Language Institute
• Youths preparing for Govt. Exams

» • Employment Connect for B.Schools, Technical & Non Technical Universities and Colleges

» INR 2000.000 (With 60 hours training)

» • Polish Basic Communication Skills
• Handle with confidence the entire interview process – from submission of a résumé to closure of the interview
• Anticipate and answer interview questions according to job requirement, using enhanced communication skills
• Navigate through stressful interview situations with ease
• Effectively express in a group discussion
• Get equipped with soft skills for effectual interactions at the workplace

Cambridge University Press in India is a content provider to MEPSC which is a horizontal Sector Skills Council under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) catering to the skilling needs of various sectors. The skill sectors are dedicated to generating a technically and professionally skilled workforce of industry professionals for the national and international markets. MEPSC is also the nodal body and a sector skill council under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship/NSDC managing the implementation and certification of the EEE (English, Employability & Entrepreneurship) module. The mandate given to MEPSC also includes the NSQF-alignment (National Skill Quality Framework) of curriculum as well as assessment and certification. Cambridge University Press titles for English, Employability and Entrepreneurship models are interchange, Generic Skills for Employability and Entrepreneurial activity.

Explore Cambridge E E E :

» • Interchange - Print + Audio
• Generic Skills for Employability - Print
• Plan for Entrepreneurial Activity- Print
• Training by Eduskill Certified Trainers for EEE by Cambridge
• Pre, Mid and Post Course Assessment
• Classroom / Online Training
• Self Paced Practice App
• Soft Skills, Work Skills, Resume Writing incl. Workshop
• Interview Skills- Basic and Advanced incl. case studies and workshops

» • Technical College Students - ITI, Polytechnic, Diploma
• Youths in Vocational Skill Development Centres

» • Placement Support through Mega Job Fairs, Campus Drive, Boot Campus, Internship support
• Paid Internship support

» INR 1165.00 (Inclusive of GST)

» • Third Party Assessment on English, Employability & Entrepreneurship. The fee of the Assessment will be extra

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