Eduskill is driven by the passion to deliver desirable and sustainable changes in human behaviour and operationalise the "Empowering" instil in its core values. We boost personal effectiveness and human performance and scale upcorporatesusing proven pedagogical approaches and customised in house / onsite training modules.
We help corporate to identify and plug gaps with an innovation assessment to optimise and leverage the existing strength, identify enablers and drive a cultural change to shift the mind sets and behaviour. We ensure that all our courses are both effective and fun thus we focus on action based learning.

Our training solutions are customised to:

Improve organisational production and people performance through training
Develop employees to attain talent retention
Develop leaders to drive vision / mission alignment
Support continuing professional development
Increase people motivation

Training Process

We use a relatively simple end to end process to develop our training programs. The Success mantra is that we collaborate with our clients at each and every step to ensure that the training program will be well received by the intended participants and will exceed the organization's required outcomes.
We offer open entry training workshops that are carefully designed to meet industry needs. These courses are scheduled at frequent intervals of every calendar year. Our clients may also choose to pick and choose any of these courses and we help them customize to their needs.
We engage with clients in a long term strategic relationship & conduct an exhaustive training need analysis and develop an absolutely custom-made training program for the audience at various levels of the organization. The implementation of training workshop is closely monitored and constantly evaluated to meet the corporate objectives and eventually ensure enhanced performance linked to ROI.

Our Training Kit Includes

» Advertorial with clearly defined training outcomes
» Pre-assignment to assess the trainee expectation and preparedness
» Customized workbook for each participant during training Activities
» Games and assessments with on-going trainer support
» Personal action plan guided by the trainer
» Quick reference tutorial summarizing the training program
» Post training evaluation, feedback & interventions

Our training workshops are aligned with the long term strategic goals of the organisation while ensuring specific need of the audiences. Our team consist of experts from diverse industries proficient certified trainers predominantly Dale Carnagie, XLRI, IIM's and Corporate Leaders.

We offer training workshops in the areas of:

» Building Self Esteem and Assertiveness
» Business Communication & Etiquette
» Time Management for Peak Performers
» Business Reports & Proposal
» Orientation handbook
» Diversity Celebration at workplace
» Hard case for Soft skills
» Manging generation gap at workplace

» Induction
» Compliance
» Hiring for Success - Using Artificial Intelligence, New Technology tools
» Employee Engagement
» Conducting Effective Performance reviews
» Stress Management
» Conflict Resolution
» Team innovation
» Cultural change
» Diversity
» Leadership Development
» Professional Certification- Train the Trainer
» Coaching and mentoring
»Competency Mapping

» Overcoming objections to nail the sale
» Prospecting for leads
» Customer relationship building
» Sales Pitch and Presentation
» Telemarketing
» Digital Marketing: Sales v/s Brand image

» Strategic Business Planning
» Business Decision Making: Rational Approach
» Organisation Development
» Talent Management
» Canvassing Talent Management Program
» Lean Process Management
» Knowledge Management for extra edge
» Balance Scorecard
» Cultivate Corporate Brand
» Conference & Event Management
» Risk management and Techniques for mitigating risks
» Total Quality Management
» Coaching and Leadership Skill
» An art of making meetings work
» HR for Non HR Manager
» An art of Delegation
» Change Management

» Business Management for business owners
» Personal Development
» Managing Public Relations

» Personal Style
» Brand Image
» Wardrobe Makeover
» Color Analysis

Key benefits to Organisation

Gain leadership potential and succession planning | Cost effective ways to improve workplace efficiencies | Innovation & tech driven ways of doing business smartly | Developing key people to be a cut above the rest | Elevate organisation to the next strategic level

Benefits to trainees

Act as an Enabler for the organisation Accelerate performance and productivity Positive attitude and team cohesiveness Career advancement & opportunities for networking Skill, Knowledge, competencies and tools to be effective in jobs Continuous professional development You may get in touch with our training team through email to or


»INR 25,000 (Rupee Twenty Five Thousand Only) for Professional Development, Employability Skill for Entrants- Per Module

»INR 50,000 (Rupee Fifty Thousand Only) for Human Resources - Bundle of Any Two Modules

»INR 30,000 (Rupee Thirty Thousand Only) for Sales & Marketing - Per Module

»INR 1,00,000 (Rupee One Lakhs Only) for Leadership & Managerial Skill - Per Module

»INR 25,000 (Rupee Twenty Five Thousand Only) for Boot Camps- Per Module

»INR 40,000 (Rupee Forty Thousand Only) for Executive Image Services - All 4 Services