International Exams

If you are planning International Career, We will help you with training and resources so that you could secure the place with your dream Institution.
You may use our career development tools to seek indepth insights to learn about your next career journey. Getting the pre-knowledge and skills will help you to make more informed career decision while embarking on your international career journey.
You may scheudle a call with our International Career Resource Team to discuss your dreams and preferred destination for study. Interacting with our career coach team will help you process, documents and ways to creak the examination and interview. Our team will help you to train in honing skills to boost your chances for the selection.
You have to be specific about the coutnry, field of interest to study, career summary and purpose to pursue. We recommed you to schedule your call with our experts and write to us at

International Tests and Exams:
IELTS - General & Academic: This test is meant to check your Engish Proficiecy and is similar to TOEFL. IELTS is more popular in UK, Canada and Australia. IELTS - General is used for immigration / Employment purposes. Online Training available with our CELTA certified trainers
TOEFL - This is a test of English Skill (WRSL) as a Foreign Language. Many prominent Institutions in US, Canada & Australia use TOEFL score to judge test taker's English skills.Online Training available with our CELTA certified trainers
SAT Test: This test is used to check readiness for Bachelor in Science Degree in USA. We have online resources for you to creak SAT Exam
ACT Test: For High School achievement and college admission in USA. Upgrade to premium and use our online resources for ACT test
PSAT: This is Preliminary SAT test and is used to grant the Scholarship.If you are looking for the Scholarship, please write us at and we will share various scholarship opportunities

Other International tests includes
GED: General Educational Development Test
TESOL: Teaching English to speakers of other languages
PTE Academic: More popular in Australia. It is English Test or studying abroad and used for immigration
CELPIP: It is an english language proficiency test. THe Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
GRE : Graduate Record Exam sued to get admission in MS and PhD program and more prevailing in US and Canada
GMAT: This exam is used to secure the admission to MBA Program with leading universities and B. School
We faciliate online training to few tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT and help you with the resources available for other tests. You may enquire about the specific test by writing us on