Career Counselling

Career planning is an ongoing life long process that takes time, energy and commitment and involves developing an awareness of your key skills, abilities, values, strengths, interests and learning about the various types of occupations that exist and their exact requirement and its alignment with your skills. It is a learned skill and well developed plan of action that helps you to create and achieve realistic career goals. The First step towards career is to explore and learn more about yourself, interest, what you like and dislike, know your personality, key traits / values, skills and the career options. You are also required to build awareness to target specific careers, industries, technological changes and the organizations. It is Important to know yourself and your fit in the world of work so that you can locate and land opportunities that are a good match for you.
Career development is all about to gain insight to know where you are going so you can decide how to get there. Getting the knowledge and skills you need to make more informed career decision.
Our Career Development Centre (CDC) help people of all ages plan their futures. Meeting with a career coach can help you with the process of career planning and decision making. We help you to develop skills that help you manage your career throughout life.
Our expert help you identify career options & occupations that use the skills you have and those that you want to obtain. By using our Skills assessment test you can choose career, explore occupations, and identify ways to modify your career directions and life goals

Learning Goals:
Developing awareness and exploring right career possibilities.
Understand how career planning fits in to your life long career development
Develop skills in exploring and researching career of interest
Develop skills in planning & achieving success
Understand your competencies and how external factors may influence your decision.

CRC at Eduskill, offer the following solutions under career counselling
Skills audit
Self discovery&self assessment
Personal SWOT analysis
Competency assessment
Skills gap assessment
Key talent identification
Performance counselling
Career planning, Performance Counselling, Assessment & Career Flow chart
Personal development plan (PDP)
Competency building planning guide (CBPG)

To know more, we request you to visit our Career Resource Section. These Services are available on 20 days advance booking only and subject to availability of counselling slots. You may enquire about the specific services by writing us on