Nowadays, we need to learn a new mindset, new attitude, and skills to deal with the uncertainty of rapid, unpredictable change, the complexity of career-life integration and collaboration - i.e. a holistic approach of everything around us.

There is a mismatch between skills we possess and what the Industry expects from us because of the changing work environment, technology and our increased understanding of the growing interconnectedness of the world around us. Without bridging this gap, we can't attain our career & life goals.

Self- awareness of career choice founded on aptitude and attitude considering the interesting field of study, abilities, knowledge, skills, needs and personality characteristics, future trends and available opportunities is missing in many students. Without this, many of us are riddled with crisis and wrong life decisions.


Parents & students both need to revisit the career planning cycle repeatedly to make a good fit between education & world of work to carry into the future.

Single occupation no longer ensures us beginning to the end of our working lives. Experts are of the opinion that during a lifetime, a person follows two to three careers.

We need to be multi-tasking, open-minded and ready to accept new challenges, adaptable, flexible and tolerance for ambiguity to pursue our life and career goals more effectively. Many spend the life in searching what they are fit for and directionless reach no-where.

Our God gifted potential "Talent", if utilized in right direction precisely produces best results. We need to identify & apply in real working life that interests us because by being aware of our most positive characteristics, we can have major emphasis throughout our career journey.