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Effective Business Communication

Effective Business Communication


Business communication skills are some of the most important that we need to succeed in the workplace & life. Today one of the most important decisive factor in choosing executive and or managers is their effectiveness in business communication.

By providing training on communication skills, companies help their leaders and other human resources to write, speak, serve customers and lead people more effectively which ensure efficient use of time and resources, increased client retention, building trust and generating sales and increased creditability of managers and workers.

Factors such as communication skills, including written and oral presentations, ability to work with others are few main factors contributing to job success and career advancement.

We offer business communication training seminars and workshops that improve communication interaction & efficiency and produce long lasting results for your organization.

Who the course is meant for:

This course is meant for business people, Executives and managers who need to communicate in English in the workplace. Our facilitators help you to improve your business communication and writing and equip you to compete to succeed.

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  • Communicate confidently and fluently in a range of business situations
  • Improve your Listening, reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Enrich knowledge of important grammar structures
  • Be effective in your business career by improving language skills
  • Exploit more opportunities through developing ability to use English
  • Gain confidence and achieve your business objectives
  • Be proficient and fluent speaker of English
  • Develop skills to deliver clear presentation
  • Pronunciation of English words and delivery of phrases
  • Express ideas clearly and build your knowledge of business English
  • Foster learning by getting knowledge of business style and writing conventions.
  • Speaking clearly and confidently on the telephone and at front desk.
  • Maximize your business vocabulary & business expression

Description: http://www.eduskillstech.com/images/Effective_image3.pngCourse outline

  • Spoken Business communication for Executives
  • Perfecting pronunciation
  • Business writing & correspondence
  • Business reports & Proposals
  • Groups discussion
  • Telephoning
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Effective Meetings- organising & holding a meeting
  • Business presentation and Public speaking

Course Details with Schedule:-

Course Duration:         2 Months

No of days:                   4 days a week

Hours of Study :          2 Hours (120 Minutes) Per Day