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Php, .NET


Eduskills tech solutions offers a wide array of PHP training courses to accommodate almost any training need. Whether you need Wordpress training, Zend training, or other courses, Eduskills tech has a course for you and your team ! 

Eduskills tech Solutions  on-site PHP class offerings:


  • Since they run on Linux and Unix, PHP websites are considered more secure compared to Windows supported languages such as ASP and .NET.
  • Unlike other programming languages, with PHP a fresher can learn and develop websites in a matter of 4-6 months
  • PHP / MySQL does not require any License fees unlike Windows supported languages.
  • PHP / MySQL web hosting is much cheaper than Windows supported hosting.
  • PHP applications are sturdier and can easily adapt to various web hosting environments. For example, PHP scripts can be run on Windows hosting but ASP and .NET apps do not work on Linux and Unix.
  • For its economy and universality, most of the medium to small size business worldwide choose PHP / MySQL to operate and enhance its presence online.  A PHP / MySQL web host allows to continuously create as many web-applications as you can think of…...... the sky is the limit ! 


  • We are successfully conducting the advanced course on PHP/MySQL Programming, and Internet Basics with a course schedule - weekend classes - carefully designed for working candidates.
  • Our Advanced Programmer Course gives you 100% Placement assistance. Enjoy satisfactory/deserving placement opportunities based on your performance during training and a unique post-course educational support.
  • Get yourself the best PHP/MySQL Training with world-class hands on practical training and the opportunity to work on 'live projects' using the latest web technologies, which are high in demand, directly from the industry experts.
  • Get yourself the leading edge training with the Eduskills tech solutions… with an exposure to diverse PHP Projects from over 18 countries worldwide alongside the industry expertise with a legacy of almost 15 years that will fetch you guaranteed placements from over 300 IT companies in India alone!


Introduction To Internet

  • What Is Internet And The World Wide Web?
  • Introduction to websites and its functionalities
  • Introduction to HTML/CSS
  • Introduction to Domain Names and Web hosts.

Php Introduction

  • ·         About PHP
  • ·         Common Use Of PHP
  • ·         Characteristics Of PHP
  • ·         "Hello World"Script in PHP
  • ·         Work With Php Parse Installation
  • ·         Apache Configuration
  • ·         Php .ini File Configuration
  • ·         Windows IIS Configuration
  • ·         Php Syntax Overview
  • ·         Php Variable Types
  • ·         Php Constants
  • ·         Php Operators Type
  • ·          Php Decision Making
  • ·          Php Arrays
  • ·         Php Strings
  • ·         Php Web Concepts

PHP Advance

  • Php $_GET,$_POST,$_REQUEST,$_PHP_SELF Method
  • Php File Inclusion
  • Php With MySQL Database
  • Php File And IO
  • Php Functions
  • Php Cookies
  • Php Sessions
  • Php Headers
  • Php Email
  • Php File Uploading & Downloading
  • Php Coding Standard
  • Php Pre-Defined Variables
  • Php Regular Expression
  • Php Error Handling
  • Php Bugs Debugging
  • Php Date & Time
  • Php & MySQL
  • Php Filters
  • Php & AJAX
  • Php & XML
  • Php OOPS
  • Php For C Developers
  • Php For PERL Developers
  • Php Functions Manual

PHP Magento Framework

  • Magento features
  • How to install Magento shopping cart on your hosting account
  • How to use the Magento encryption key
  • How to configure Magento shop
  • How to set themes in Magento
  • How to design the home page of your online store
  • How to set SSL certificate in Magento
  • How to optimize your shop for the Search engines (SEO)
  • How to configure Google Analytics for Magento
  • How to use Magento customer manager
  • How to use & configure Magento shipping modules
  • How to configure Magento payment modules
  • How to set Magento newsletter
  • How to use Magento Connect
  • How to use Magento widgets
  • How to import products in a Magento installation

PHP Zend Framework

  • Learn Folder Structure
  • Learn Anatomy of Zend Framework Application
  • Learn Index.php as Single Access File
  • Learn Controller Learn View

Learn Zend Framework Action

  • Learn Dynamic Content
  • Learn URL Structure and Controller
  • URL Structure and Action
  • Learn GET Parameters Learn Header and Footer

Learn Zend Framework Database

  • Learn Database Intro
  • Learn Creating Input Form
  • Learn Inputting Data to Database
  • Learn Inserting Expressions to a table
  • Learn Creating List of Data
  • Learn Creating Editing Form
  • Learn Updating Data
  • Learn Updating Data Use Update Query From Zend Framework
  • Learn Deleting Data
  • Learn Delete Query Style
  • Learn Summarizing Action Controller

Learn Zend Framework Registry

  • Learn Setting and Reading Values
  • Learn Storing Array Values
  • Learn Working with Objects
  • Learn Zend Framework Config
  • Learn Using Array Configuration
  • Learn Creating File Configuration
  • Learn Using INI File Configuration
  • Learn Using XML File Configuration
  • Learn Zend Framework Login
  • Learn Preparing Database
  • Learn Creating Form Login
  • Learn Creating Authentication
  • Learn Fatal error
  • Learn Protected Page
  • Learn Creating Logout
  • Learn Creating Switching for Front Page

Learn Zend Framework Session

  • Learn Session
  • Learn Using Namespace
  • Learn Accessing Session Data
  • Learn Seeing All Values at Namespace
  • Learn Locking and Unlocking Namespace
  • Automatic Expiration 


Eduskills tech Solutions  Special Fee Structure

Course Duration With Live Project Without Live Project
45 days INR 6500 INR 3500

·         Special Offers And Flexible Installments are available

Eduskills tech Offers

  • 100 % job assistance
  • Two Days Trial Classes
  • Teaching on the basis of interview pattern of MCA, B.Tech.


Eduskillstech  will provide 2 job opportunities in IT companies of repute in India & abroad.