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Neuro- Linguistic Programming - NLP

Modern psychology says that our mind is what our brain does. Brain works as hardware whereas mind is software. our thoughts are the functional units of our mind. Repeated and reinforced thoughts sink deep into our subconscious mind and form our belief, values, perceptions, responses, behavior, attitude and skills set. Our subconscious mind uses these patters as reference base for our action, judgements and decision making. Based on our patterns, it trigger us to respond and behave in specific ways in  different life's contexts. Some of these patterns help us to be successful and achieve excellence in life and work.

NLP encompasses the three most influential component involved in producing human experiences. NEUROLOGY, LANGUAGE, PROGRAMMING. Our neurological system regulates how our body functions, Language determines how we interface and communicate with people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create. 

NLP describes the fundamental dynamics between Mind (Neuro) Language (Linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behavior programming. 

Reliability of NLP :

Most of the responses and behvior in any given context are subconsciously repeated thinking patters. NLP test pick up the conflicts patters appearning in answers and generate a reliability report. Hence prediction can be 85%-90% accurate as this test base our prediction on subconsciously repeated thinking patterns. 10% - 15% of grance margin can be given to conscious awareness that can slightly change the pattern for a while when taking the test.

If the reliability is less than 70%, a re-test is advisable. 

We have NLP At three Level :  Online Test with Instant report 

  • Level 1 - Class 9 to Class 12 students
  • Level 2 - UG, PG level students
  • Level 3 - Working Executives / Corporate HR's 

Main advantages of NLP test include:

  • Art of better parenting and career guidance tool
  • Removal of exam anxity, stress, depression 
  • Guide students to further studies and their natural inclination for further studies / jobs
  • Explore innate talent, top compentencies, strengths & areas of improvement
  • Insight on areas of further studies / future jobs to be avioded. 
  • Top 10 best career options with explanation thereof.
  • Identification of training areas 
  • Instant online report. 
  • One to One counsleing session with career expert.